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Hi everyone,
Here are some updates re special persons day – children will need to wear their long school pants on the day. If your child is wearing a tshirt from home, you’ll need to bring it in to school named by Friday of this week.

Also coming home from school today is our excursion note to the Botanic Gardens. We are looking for parent volunteers on the day.

Your child has also got a new sight words book in their folder to practise spelling words.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Gabby & Suzy

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Term 2, Week 7

Hi every one,

Even though we’ve had a short week, its been very busy!

Learning in our class…

Maths – passing of time (days, months, past, present, future etc). We will finish off the term with 2D and 3D shapes.

Literacy – magic ‘e’, pairing it with all the vowel sounds to make them long eg bit bite

Narrative writing

Health – Food and healthy eating

Hass Inquiry (History, Geography and Science) – we continue with our groups rotating through 4 teachers and activities which investigate these subject areas. Below is a photo of some examples of work we have done.

Upcoming dates

Special Person’s Day is fast approaching. Just a reminder it is in Week 9, Tuesday for parents, and Wednesday for Special Persons both performances starting at 9:40am.

A note will be coming home Monday about a Year 1 excursion we are planning to the Botanic Gardens, Tuesday of Week 10.

Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy



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Term 2, Week 4

Hi everyone,
Just a friendly reminder that we have nature play next week, please bring gumboots and raincoat to school (if you have them). We will keep them here for the week. We will be starting 9am most mornings. For this reason we will not be listening to reading or sight words for this week.

Maths – for the next two weeks we will be doing length in measurement.

Jolly Grammar – words that end in ‘y’ that make an e sound and initial blends eg bl, fr, st

Thanks to everyone who have brought in a photo of a grandparent or special person. We are using these as part of our learning in Inquiry.

Lastly I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking family carers leave and report writing days from Thursday 1st June until and including the 9th. Adriana Scaffidi will be taking the class for that time. My husband is having an operation and will need care at home. Thanks for your understanding!

Also Max in our class has misplaced his school jacket. Could you please check that it hasn’t accidentally gone to a different home.

Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy

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Term 2, Week 3

Hi everyone,
Hope all you mums had a great Mother’s Day and that your children spoiled you all!!

Here is what is happening in our learning over the next couple of weeks.

Literacy – we continue with our focus on narratives by using picture books and well known fairy tales.
Sight words – a book will be coming home soon for your child to practice writing sight words at home.

Maths – we will spend the next two weeks on skip counting, with focus on 2, 5 and 10 eg 2,4,6,8,10. It will be great to get your children to practice with you.

Health – we will be looking at healthy eating over the term.


This term all the year 1 classes will be working together with Simone with a focus on Geography, History and Science inspired by the author Jeannie Baker who is well known for her picture books that feature collage. Last week we made a collage of ourselves. We looked at different books and came up with our own “I wonder” questions. We will be working in small groups, doing various activities and rotating groups with all teachers to experience many different learning inquiries. Below are photos of the collages we made.

To help with our learnings, we would like children to bring in a paper copy (not an original) of a photo of a grandparent as a baby and at their current age if possible. We will use these photos as part of our history inquiry. It would great if this photo was of one of the grandparents your child invites for special persons day in week 9.

Gabby & Suzy




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Term 2

Welcome back to term 2! We hope your children enjoyed the break. It was fabulous to see how well the children quickly settled into routine and were ready for learning.

Here is some information about things that are happening over the next few weeks and during the term.

Maths – we will be spending two weeks on “rainbow facts”. That is understanding and knowing multiples to 10 eg 6 + 4 = 10
Literacy – reading comprehension and narrative

Our focus this term will also be Geography (more on that later).

This week we are sharing something we did in the holidays. Children can bring in something if they like, or simply an oral talk. Other sharing topics will come out later in the term.

We have also moved children’s sharing days forward by one. This means that if your child’s reader was placed in the Monday box during term 1, now it will be on Tuesday and so on.

We are looking forward to another successful term of learning.

Gabby & Suzy

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End of term 1!

Hi everyone,
Can’t believe we’ve already come to the end of the term. Here are a couple of things to remember for this week.

Enterprise Day – please send your child to school with money in a purse, wallet, bag etc as well as a plastic bag for them to put in all their goodies. If you’re coming on the day, please come to the classroom at 12:25. Besides walking around with your children, we might ask you to help by taking a couple of extras.

Popcorn making – we are looking for a couple of parents to help pop and bag the popcorn on wed morning. Please let us know if you’re able to help.

There will be a casual day on Thursday. Please bring a gold coin donation along on the day.

Early dismissal on Thursday 2:10pm.

Thanks everyone for all your effort and support this term. If we don’t see you, enjoy the break and see you next term.

We are practising ordering money according to value.

Gabby & Suzy

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Term 1, week 9

This looks to be a busy week and we look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you in our interviews this week.

What’s happening this week in our learning…
Maths – double numbers eg double 1 is 2
Literacy – recount writing, short vowel sounds, reading strategies, sight words and alphabetical order.
Health – We will look at the concept of personal space and explore what it means to be a ‘space invader’.
Science – the children explored hot and cold foods.

This week’s sharing is free choice. This is the last sharing topic for the term.

For the last two weeks of term we will be doing money in maths, with a focus on coin recognition. We ask that all children bring in a snap lock bag of each coin in double amounts, eg 2 5c, 2 10c, 2 20c etc. We will use these coins to help us in our maths learning over the year. The money will be returned to you at some stage during the year. Could the money please be bought in by the end of this week, no later than Monday.

Enterprise Day will be held in week 11, Wednesday 12th April at 12:30 – 2:00. The year 1 classes will be hosting a popcorn stand. We are looking for any popcorn makers that we can borrow for the day. More info about this day will be coming soon.

We were also wondering if any of you would be interested in being our class rep for the year? Please let us know…

Gabby & Suzy

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Term 1, week 8

Hi everyone,
A couple of reminders for this week…
* thanks to all who have booked in an interview time for next week, please do so as this is a great opportunity for us to catch up about your child’s learning.
* Its Harmony Day tomorrow. Children can wear something orange to school. Please note that this is not a casual day.
* Head lice is going around at the moment. Please return bottom slip of head lice note back to us.

We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks in our Maths, learning about subitizing. Children have made cards to share with you at home. We are now moving on to number sense activities over the next couple of weeks.

Literacy – we are continuing on with looking at the recount structure, nouns, ng and ar sounds.

Health – social skills, looking at how to read other people’s feelings and body language.

Kind regards,
Gabby & Suzy

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Term 1, Week 6

Hi everyone,
Here’s a couple of things happening in our class over the last week and this one…

* th, ng sound.
* forming sentences using capital letters and full stops, alphabetical order
* structure of a recount, focusing on the ‘where’ and ‘who’.
* revisiting reading strategy of ‘eagle eye’ and looking at ‘lips the fish’ , and ‘stretchy snake’ (as per bookmark)

* subitising (ask your children what this means). We have also made our own pack of subitising cards for children to use at home (coming soon).

*social skills, with a focus on making friends and being a good friend.

* using pasta to explore chemical changes

This week I will not be at school Thursday and Friday due to family reasons, Adriana Scaffidi will be relieving.

Next week we have sharing – numbers are everywhere, bring something that has numbers (monday group please bring your sharing on tuesday, we will catch you up during the week).

Enjoy the long weekend,
Gabby & Suzy

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Term 1, Week 4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first blog news for 2017. We will use the blog to keep you informed of whats happening in our class over the year.


Jolly Grammar – sh and ch sound, capital letters and sentence formation.

Reading – Sight words and reading strategies. Using the titles on the bookmarks we gave you, every week we will explore a strategy. Last week we did Eagle Eye.

Writing – Recount


Over these two weeks we are exploring patterns in many different ways.


We are continuing to build on our understandings of the life rafts. We are also looking at social skills and friendships.


We are looking at chemical changes by using food.

Readers and Reading

Every morning we encourage children to change their readers as part of their morning routine.

Could you please record reading in the diary on the left hand side.

Parents are welcome to come and listen to reading in the mornings when it suits you (except wed). Just let us know if you are staying as you’ll be given a reading folder to fill out.

Reading tests are conducted throughout the term. A note will be put in the diary to inform you if your child has moved up a level.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.


Gabby & Suzy


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