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Photo Day!!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is our school photo day. Please bring your envelopes to school tomorrow. Our photo time is after recess. Family photos will be held on Wednesday. Thanks 📷😀

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Term 3, Week 3

Hi everyone,
Our photo timetable has arrived, and we will be having our photos taken next Tuesday, 15th August. You will need to bring your photo envelopes on the day.

Our excursion to the Little Patch theatre is this Friday. We will be leaving school at 12:15pm, so there will be no lunch orders on the day.

Once again we thank parents who have connected to Seesaw. If you haven’t done so yet, please get connected asap! We will begin posting this week. Children really love it when they know you have been looking at their work.

Maths – We have been learning about different counting strategies and revisiting other concepts such as counting in groups, rainbow facts, doubling and why 10 is a friendly number. This all leads to our topic of place value. This means knowing and understanding how a number is grouped/works eg 23 means 2 tens and 3 ones, 20 and 3 more. You can play quick little games such as asking your child to count on from a number, count back, add 10 or 5. This all helps with their understandings.

Gabby & Suzy

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Bits and Pieces

Hi everyone,
Today your child has brought home their swimming notes. There is lots of information to read about swimming this year regarding parent involvement.
It’s been great to see lots of you have connected to Seesaw. We can’t wait to start posting our work to you.
Lastly I’m looking for parent volunteers to come with us on our Little Patch excursion. Please let us know if you can help.
Gabby & Suzy

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Term 3, Week 1

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to the term. We hope your children had an enjoyable break.
There are lots of things happening this term. Here are some key dates for the calendar:
Week 2 Lapathon Friday
Week 3 Little Patch theatre excursion Friday
Week 4 School photos
Week 5 Bookweek, Nature Play
Week 6 Swimming
Week 7 Friday school closure (show day)
Week 8 We are hosting the JP assembly Friday
Week 9 Sports Day Thursday
Week 10 Nature Play

Thanks to all who have returned the Little Patch theatre note already.
A photo day will be confirmed soon. Your child will need to bring the photo envelope on the day.
The Lapathon is next Friday at 9:45-10:45. Parents are welcome to attend.
On Thursday we had a visit from the RAA. We learned many things about being safe on footpaths and roads. We also learned how to wear a seatbelt correctly. Did you know that for a child to be out of a booster seat they need to be over 145cm tall? Your child has bought home a booklet which they can complete at home, as well as a safety magnet for the car (you can ask them how and why parents would use this).
Also, all of our specialist subjects have changed days. We now have…
Monday- Art 8:50am
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday- Japanese

Your child has also brought home today a log in sheet for the Seesaw app. Some of your children used this last year in reception. For those who aren’t familiar, it is an electronic way for your kids to share their learning with you. It’s interactive in that you can like your child’s work or post a comment.

Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy

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Botanic Gardens Excursion

We are excited to be going on our excursion tomorrow. It will be cold and the forecast is rain so please dress appropriately.
What to bring:
* drink bottle
* recess in separate bag
* lunch in separate bag
All named clearly!
We anticipate being back at school approximately 2:00pm.

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Term 2, Week 9

Hi everyone,
Today your child has brought home their school report. This will be the first time that your child has received a grade and effort in each curriculum area. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.
Next week we have nature play. Please bring gumboots and a raincoat to school.
Next Tuesday is our Botanic Gardens excursion. Thanks to the parents who have volunteered to come with us.
We will finish off the term with doing revision. We will continue our learning in 3D shape, with a particular focus on cone, cube, sphere, cylinder, rectangular prism and pyramid.
Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy

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Hi everyone,
We would like to congratulate our class on their wonderful performance for Special Persons Day. They put in a lot of hard work and effort over the term both in music lessons and preparing work to share with their guests in class. Some children felt a little shy and nervous about performing, but overcame this. We are all very proud of them!!

Lastly just a friendly reminder that we have disco tomorrow, cost is $4. I will collect money in the morning.

Have a good night,
Gabby & Suzy

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Hi everyone,
Here are some updates re special persons day – children will need to wear their long school pants on the day. If your child is wearing a tshirt from home, you’ll need to bring it in to school named by Friday of this week.

Also coming home from school today is our excursion note to the Botanic Gardens. We are looking for parent volunteers on the day.

Your child has also got a new sight words book in their folder to practise spelling words.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Gabby & Suzy

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Term 2, Week 7

Hi every one,

Even though we’ve had a short week, its been very busy!

Learning in our class…

Maths – passing of time (days, months, past, present, future etc). We will finish off the term with 2D and 3D shapes.

Literacy – magic ‘e’, pairing it with all the vowel sounds to make them long eg bit bite

Narrative writing

Health – Food and healthy eating

Hass Inquiry (History, Geography and Science) – we continue with our groups rotating through 4 teachers and activities which investigate these subject areas. Below is a photo of some examples of work we have done.

Upcoming dates

Special Person’s Day is fast approaching. Just a reminder it is in Week 9, Tuesday for parents, and Wednesday for Special Persons both performances starting at 9:40am.

A note will be coming home Monday about a Year 1 excursion we are planning to the Botanic Gardens, Tuesday of Week 10.

Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy



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Term 2, Week 4

Hi everyone,
Just a friendly reminder that we have nature play next week, please bring gumboots and raincoat to school (if you have them). We will keep them here for the week. We will be starting 9am most mornings. For this reason we will not be listening to reading or sight words for this week.

Maths – for the next two weeks we will be doing length in measurement.

Jolly Grammar – words that end in ‘y’ that make an e sound and initial blends eg bl, fr, st

Thanks to everyone who have brought in a photo of a grandparent or special person. We are using these as part of our learning in Inquiry.

Lastly I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking family carers leave and report writing days from Thursday 1st June until and including the 9th. Adriana Scaffidi will be taking the class for that time. My husband is having an operation and will need care at home. Thanks for your understanding!

Also Max in our class has misplaced his school jacket. Could you please check that it hasn’t accidentally gone to a different home.

Have a good weekend,
Gabby & Suzy

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